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About us

Our company exists to afford a real difference for each one customer who wants a well sought out service offering .our role play in the transport and logics industry is to deliver all goods on planned routine i.e. a deliberate attempt of deliveries at all times  hence our articulate motto/slogan, your parcels delivered deliberately . NETCO PTY (LTD) is a well-structured logistic/Courier company that is led by some highly experienced  persons who served successfully within transport and logistics industry for more than 22 years at least, we are a network company that aims to connect all our customers to  Africa and or international markets without limits.

We are established and entrenched upon the principles of service consistence and excellence, our core values of excellence, teamwork and good leadership is what define our way of conducting business. While we conduct our business within the framework of professional standards we also acknowledge that these standards could be limited to ethical factors like trust, transparency and care hence our much robustness approach to ensuring those, thus we dare to care for our people and customers.
Among the many competitors who regard themselves as “Unrivalled “a constant  delivering of parcels from point A-B  at all times is simply what sets us apart from our peers hence our slogan “Your parcel delivered deliberately” .

We strongly believe that ultimately that is what customers want and need, we do not waste energy and time by selling some sort of worthless features to our valued customers but a truly reliable service. Our slogan/motto was derived from the real attitude of planned deliveries at all times we just do not deliver by chance .At NETCO we have taken even a step forward to circle the needs of our customers by adding value trough our well thought out technology that allow them a live tracking movement of their shipments ,logging collection on line ,viewing of PODs after delivery ,viewing invoices and generating of quotations .What we do :we create a user name  and password for you to have access to our online portal so you can start enjoying  this convenient  experience. The one immensely value aspect of our online system is that it is valid and applicable at all times. We leverage technology and logistical experience to usher our valued customers in a much better way, no matter the size of a customer we continue and strive to treat all our of customers equally.

Our well trained staff members possess a culture of a successful service implanted well within their thinking.
Our strong innovation and extensive experience within the logistics arena has helped us maintain a great customer confidence in all aspects .We go beyond just delivering a parcel,  we truly have adopted some habits of effectiveness that is in harmony with what is deemed a personal focus. We often extend our tailor made service offering by meeting customers cost expectations and other critical distribution requirements. With the many competitors of our kind within the transport and logistics industry, you may find it quite "a day's back-breaking work" when choosing a rightful courier company that could aptly deliver and offer you convenience. Logistics is a highly saturated industry with a lot of the “come and go” type or claim to deliver without any proven experience. This can easily cost your company a lot of money.


Sometimes in good faith customers turn to assume that the very large known players can easily deliver their shipments successfully, only to realise that this very trusted large players drop them to nothing. Too big to care? Or too small to handle? Can we find the balance ?Our business is fully enriched with some dynamic individuals that have spent most of their lives within this cram-full space and offering you the most needed balance is what we do best. In essence we come to your level and so you can enjoy the versatility.

At NETCO we strongly believe that each one customer has their own distribution needs and should  therefore be treated as such .Our culture is to understand yours so we can always develop a tailor made solution to your requirements 

Our Vision.
To build the sustainable network in Africa.

To empower people
To commit to service excellence to all our customers regardless of their monthly spend.
To embrace diversity without limits.
To invest in people and local communities around us.







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